How To Measure Up For a Glass Splashback

Glass Splashbacks are a stunning, easy to clean, "expensive" kitchen or bathroom wall covering...but they do not have to be. As the authority on, we show you how to measure, we show you how to fit, we show you how to save a fortune and order direct from us- the manufacturers.
For most kitchens, measuring and fitting a glass splashback is as easy as measuring a rectangle and gluing it to the wall. Other kitchen can be trickier but we are here to guide you every step of the way.

A Simple Rectangular Splashback

How to Measure For a Cooker Splashback
The diagram pictured here shows the specific measurements required for a simple rectangular glass kitchen splashback.

Height measurements B and D- as not all cooker hoods an worktops are fitted level there can be a small variation between these two measurements. If this variation is less than 2mm, should you wish to keep it simple just stick to the shortest measurement. If though you would like a neater fit we just need a drawing showing the run off or taper but essentially just measure the height at both sides to be sure.

Width Measurements A and C- as with the height there can sometimes be a very slight variation in the width at the top, and width at the bottom. It's always worth checking to be sure.

Allowance for expansion- most kitchens are made from some form of wood which will expand and contract over time depending on conditions in your house (moisture content in the air an temerature). To allow for these ever so slight variations just deduct 2mm from measurements A, B, C and D. If you do not do this, and your glass is a tight fit, should your kitchen units expand even 1mm the glass will break.

We've also made a video for this...

How To Measure Around Plug Sockets

How to Measure Around Plug Sockets
For those of you who are a little braver and wishing to clad glass around plug sockets it is just as easy, if you always measure the height and width at the widest reference points your glass should fit. So on that basis the same logic will apply to measuring around plug sockets, measure both ends and sides. On that note, the drawing here shows four measurements A, B, C and D. You will see that these measurements do not go to the outside of the socket itself, this is because you want the glass to fit over the cut out for a professional finish. Therefore these four measurements should be to around 4mm inside each edge.

For example, measurement A is 440mm from the nearest reference point which is the edge of the wall- add 4mm to this and the left side of the cut out will be 4mm inside the socket so it will fit over it neatly. Repeat this for measurement C.

Measurements B and D are a little different as they go to the outside edges so instead of adding 4mm, subtract 4mm. This means the cut out edge will stop 4mm before the edge of the socket, once again creating a nice neat fit.

How To Measure For An Upside Down T Shaped Splashback

How to Measure An Upside Down T Shaped Glass Splashback
Ok, if you've got this far you are very brave but with time and enough care there is no reason why this cannot be done you are simply measuring a space. To begin, start by measuring the full width of the panel at the top...and as we keep trying to hit home AND AT THE BOTTOM. If these measurements differ one or both of your walls are not level and you will need a spirit level to check. With a bit of luck it's just the one wall, mark a right angle on the bottom corner of your diagram of the level wall- this will tell us that the other side has a taper either from top to bottom or vice versa. Subtract 3mm from each measurement to allow for expansion.
So far so good.
How to Measure An Upside Down T Shaped Glass Splashback part 2
Next then is the height, or as we will this time be measuring multiple locations "heights". Again, the golden rule is measuring both heights to see if there is a run off. For this scenario though if you think of the upside down T as having three areas or zones, the left wing, the centre and the right wing we need to record the heights in two places for each zone.

Left wing- heights 1 and 2
Central area- heights 3 and 4
Right wing- heights 5 and 6

To allow the glass to fit, and also to allow for expansion subtract 6mm from each measurement. The other reason for leaving 6mm is because you cannot toughen glass with a right angle on an internal corner. In other words the two internal corners will have a 6mm rounded corner, this could cause some problems when fitting if you do not allow for it because the glass may hit your wall units at points A and B on the diagram. So to be safe reduce the heights on the right and left wings by 6mm.
How to Measure An Upside Down T Shaped Glass Splashback part 3
The last part then is just a matter of measuring the width at the central section, again at two reference points to check the wall units are straight. Once you are finished it's always a good idea to take a new piece of paper and do it all again. Double check your measurements are the same on both drawings and when you are confident of them being correct email them to us for a quote.

Toughened glass splashbacks cannot be cut so it is crucial to measure accurately so checking, double checking or even triple checking is always best practice!

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