Little Greene Glass Splashbacks

Below are the Little Greene paint colours we can colour match our Glass Splashbacks to, if you would like to order a Glass Splashback in any of these colours simply click the name below the colour.
Please also note that these colours can vary by computer so if you wish to be absolutely sure of the colour before ordering you should first order a glass splashback sample.

LG Shirting LG Slaked Lime LG Linen Wash LG First Light LG Rusling LG White Lead LG Starlings Egg LG Whitening
LG Old Paper II LG China Clay LG Clockface LG Clay Pale LG Welcome Pale LG Pearl Colour Pale LG Rolling Fog Pale LG Stock
LG Hollyhock LG Slaked Lime Mid LG Portland Stone Pale LG White Lead Mid LG Linnet LG Creamerie LG 50s Magnolia LG Julies dream
LG Stock Mid LG Chemise LG French Grey Pale LG Echo LG Welcome LG Gauze LG White Lead Deep LG China Clay Mid
LG Clay Mid LG Rolling Fog Mid LG Gauze Mid LG Pink Slip LG Pearl Colour Mid LG Bone China Blue Pale LG Custard LG Whisper
LG Stock Deep LG Joanna LG Mirror LG Stone Pale Warm LG Acre LG White Lead Dark LG China Clay Deep LG Stone Pale Cool
LG Drizzle LG French Grey Mid LG Acorn LG Ivory LG Bone china Blue Mid LG Gauze Deep LG Lemon Tree LG Clay deep
LG Pearl Colour LG Slaked Lime Deep LG Beauvais Lilac LG Olive Oil LG Hammock LG Woodbine LG Mirage II LG Stock Dark
LG Welcome Deep LG Mono LG Portland Stone LG Stone Mid cool LG Dorchester Pink LG Aged Ivory LG Clay LG Gauze Dark
LG Chamois LG China Clay Dark LG French Grey LG Stone Mid Warm LG Slaked Lime Dark LG Gentle Sky LG Portland Stone Deep LG Salix
LG Mushroom LG Cupboard Green LG Bone china Blue Deep LG Portland Stone Dark LG Welcome Dark LG Tracery II LG Kitchen Green LG Stone Dark cool
LG Carys LG Rolling fog LG Pearl Colour Dark LG Eau de Nil LG Brighton LG Angie LG Apple LG Light Peachblossom
LG Aquamarine LG Normandy Grey LG Bath Stone LG Celestial Blue LG sunlight LG Trumpet LG Phthalo Green LG Sky Blue
LG Oak Apple LG Pea Green LG French Grey Dark LG Bone china Blue LG Pale Lime LG Milk Thistle LG Rolling Fog Dark LG Roman Plaster
LG Spearmint LG Green Verditer LG Lead Colour LG Carmine LG Marigold LG Turquoise Blue LG James LG Yellow Pink
LG Aquamarine Deep LG Mid Lead colour LG Boxington LG Blue Verditer LG Stone Dark Warm LG Orange Aurora LG Atomic Red LG silt
LG Tuscan Red LG Leather LG Garden LG Ashes of roses LG Heat LG Tivoli LG Citrine LG Sage Green
LG Callaghan LG Adventurer LG Light Bronze Green LG Drummond LG Mischief LG Canton LG Satin Bow LG Juniper Ash
LG Dark Lead colour LG Mister David LG Marine blue LG Attic II LG Theatre Red LG Mambo LG Baked Cherry LG Bronze Red
LG Olive colour LG Hicks Blue LG Felt LG Deep Space Blue LG Purple Heart LG Spanish Brown LG Purple Brown LG Chocolate colour
LG Thai Sapphire LG Invisible Green LG Basalt LG Obsidian Green LG Jack Black

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