Clearshield coating for Glass Splashbacks

Clearhield coating for Glass Splashbacks

What is Clearshield?

In a nutshell, as described by the manufacturer - Ritec, Clearshield is the equivalent to glass as non stick is to a frying pan. The Clearshield coating is applied to the surface of the glass and once applied your glass splashback will:
  • Be easier to clean and keep clean
  • Stay cleaner for longer
  • Resist staining and discolouration
Clearshield, is as the name suggests, totally clear so the colour of your splashback will not be affected should you choose to purchase the Clearshield coating as an optional extra.

FAQs about Clearshield

Are there any cleaning products I should avoid if I opt for the Clearshield coating?
Abrasive cleaners and harsh/strong cleaning chemicals should be avoided if you choose the Cleashield coating, we would recommend you simply use a microfibre cloth and water to clean your splashback. The easy clean properties of the Clearshield coating mean that you should not require any strong chemical cleaning agents.

Is there a particular cleaing product I should use?

Ritek have a range of aftercare products that will maintain the performance and appearance of Clearshield for life. We will soon be adding these to the website as a complemtary product.

Can I add Clearshield to my existing Glass Splashback?

This is not a product or service we currently offer however it is possible, for more information you should contact Ritek directly.

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