Glass Splashbacks

Made from toughened glass, available in any shape, size, printed design or colour, glass splashbacks for kitchens or indeed bathrooms are very much the in trend wall covering. Seamless glass surfaces are incredibly easy to clean which is perhaps the biggest draw for customers tired of cleaning mould and grease stains off tile grout. The below photos show some really good examples of how you can have single sheets of glass covering entire kitchen walls.

Purple Glass Splashback

Upside down T Glass Splashback

Photo one (left) is an upside down T shaped splashback with three holes for socket cut outs and moulded a shaped cooker hood and worktop upstands. Probably not something an average DIY enthusiast could tackle but rather straightforward for an experienced glass splashback installer.

What is also good about this example is the ability to choose a colour that complements your walls, kitchen units, kitchen doors and also your kitchen worktop.

New York Print Glass Splashback

New York Print Glass Splashback

This Manhattan Skyline at night glass splashback project was a very long panoramic photograph that was split up into sections to completely surround the customer’s kitchen. The main panel is a T shaped design with two socket cut outs and is around 2.4 metres long (8′). The remaining wall panels all had perfectly aligned images so that the image was continuous and followed the rest of the walls above the kitchen worktop.

At night, when nothing but the kitchen downlights are switched on is when this kitchen splashback becomes a thing of true beauty. Check out the printed section for more great examples.

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